Employment Law Attorney

For many of us, our work is our life and identity. It's also where we spend a majority of our time. That's why facing difficulties at work can be so stressful. Many employers don't understand employment laws or they willfully violate them. At the same time, Oregon is an "at-will" employment state, meaning that employers, generally, can fire an employee without-cause.

Attorney Marcus J. Swift has worked with employees facing issues on-the-job for years. He's one of the only lawyers in the Columbia River Gorge who specializes in employment law. Cases are frequently taken on a contingency-fee basis and may include administrative action (BOLI) or civil litigation.

Overland Law assists workers with: 

  • Negotiating and Accepting Severance Packages

  • Wrongful Termination

  • Discrimination

    • ​Unequal treatment based on race, gender, age,  sexual orientation, national origin, pregnancy, injury, disability, etc. Also encompasses domestic violence victims, whistleblowers, and disputes regarding medical or military leave.

  • Harassment

    • ​Threats, disparate treatment, or other unwanted actions because of gender or other protected status including race, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or workplace injury.

  • Retaliation

    • Demotion, termination, unequal treatment, or other adverse action suffered as a result of engaging in protected activity such as reporting a safety issue (whistleblower), reporting discrimination or reporting other illegal conduct to your employer or an outside government agency. 

  • Wage Claims

    • Failure to pay minimum wage, overtime, or a final paycheck. ​

Sample Cases

  • Attorney Marcus J. Swift represented two women who were not paid minimum wage, overtime, or their final wages in breach of the verbal contract. The employer refused to pay the wages owed and refused to settle, forcing the case to trial over a few hundred dollars. At trial in Washington County Circuit Court and Attorney Swift won a unanimous jury verdict on behalf of his clients on all counts, resulting in a judgment of over $10,000 against the employer. 

  • A husband-and-wife team diligently worked for a cleaning company for several years and were frequently shorted in their wages. Attorney Swift negotiated a six-figure settlement with the employer on behalf of his clients.