Oregon Residential Landlord-Tenant Attorney

Please Note: On June 30, 2020, House Bill 4213 went into effect in Oregon, expanding and extending the Governor's Executive Order 20-13. The new law temporarily suspends evictions based on nonpayment of rent, and suspends evictions without cause. It also adds requirements for landlords and tenants regarding the repayment of unpaid rent. Landlords face stiff penalties for violating this law. Please contact us to learn more. 

Oregon landlord-tenant laws are incredibly complex. The current statewide moratorium on residential evictions for non-payment of rent and the passage of major legislation in 2019 add major legal requirements for both landlords and tenants. Without qualified counsel, many landlords  and tenants seek a "DIY" alternative to save money and then find themselves in difficult, unexpected positions that end up costing them a great deal of money and time. Overland Law will help you do it right, the first time, to save time and money in the long-run. Landlord-tenant law is a main focus of the practice and we represent tenants and also landlords with less-than 20 properties. 

Overland Law assists landlords and tenants with:  

  • Preparing and reviewing rental documents, including leases and rules

  • Security deposit issues

  • Rental increases and notices

  • Nonpayment of rent

  • Pet issues

  • Mold

  • Habitability issues

  • Evictions​

  • General disputes

Sample Cases

  • Attorney Marcus J. Swift represented a landlord who had not been paid rent for over a year by their tenant. When evicted, the tenants claimed issues with mold. Appearing in Wasco County Circuit Court, Attorney Swift successfully argued at trial against that defense and the Judge ruled completely in the landlord's favor. 

  • A tenant was wrongfully accused of damaging her apartment. She and her children faced eviction and homelessness just days before Christmas. Attorney Swift stepped in and proved the eviction notice was faulty and the tenant was being truthful. The landlord relented, fixed the underlying issue, and dropped the eviction. The tenant and her family remain in the apartment. 

  • A landlord in The Dalles was facing a repeatedly unruly tenant in a mobile home. Attorney Swift worked with the landlord to provide proper notice to the tenant and work with the tenant to get back on track with following the rules. This resulted in avoiding court and legal fees and keeping the unit occupied.